WoordenWordenZinnen X NextGenSpeaks Workshops (Deelname gratis!)

Schrijvers, performers en woordkunstenaars, wees welkom! Op vrijdag 22 september geven Amerah Saleh (UK), Thabiso Afurakan Mohare (SA) en Mutinta Bbenkele (SA) een open workshop in De Centrale bibliotheek Rotterdam.

Adres: Hoogstraat 110, Rotterdam
Begane grond (ruimtes bij de theaterzaal)
Aanvang: 14:30u / Sessie: 15.00u tot 17.00u uur
Entree: gratis en voor alle leeftijden.
Voertaal = Engels / Schrijftaal is vrij
(Deelnemers krijgen € 2,50 korting op een toegangskaartje voor Woorden Worden Zinnen XL in de avond --->> WoordenWordenZinnen X NextGenSpeaks + Afterparty | Rotterdam)

Meld je aan via woordenwordenzinnen@gmail.com in verband met beperkt aantal plaatsen.


Workshop 1: Gegeven door Amerah Saleh (UK)
- Finding Your Voice In Spoken Word -
Angry poems don’t need an angry poet. Find the balance to strike the audience whilst still being true to yourself

Workshop 2: Gegeven Mutinta Bbenkele (SA)
- Writing beautifully about pain -
Poetry is about confronting the deepest most vulnerable parts of yourself, but when do we stop reciting diary entries and begin the magic of imparting healing to a listener who is resonating with your poem and most importantly yourself? Join this workshop to find out.

Workshop 3: Gegeven door Thabiso Afurakan Mohare (SA)
- Writing a Six Word Story -
Stories told in just six words (inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s famous challenge and first six word story, “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.)


Amerah Saleh is a spoken word artist, workshop facilitator, host, project coordinator and outspoken human rights supporter. Amerah won the Art Award at Youth 4 Excellence and become the Overall Youth 4 Excellence Award Winner in 2015.

Amerah aims to inspire and enthuse the younger generation whilst also making the older generation look at the current state of our society and addressing what needs to change. Amerah is a lover of words and wild creativity- with a strong belief that creativity rekindles our souls with life.

“Amerah is a spoken word artist championing the Birmingham Poetry scene”


Thabiso Afurakan Mohare is an aspiring poet and recording artist who has been active in the South African poetry scene since 2002.

His work has been published in various anthologies includes “Marikana – A Moment in Time” and his first full studio album “Words Over Dub” was released worldwide in February 2017. The album is a multi-genre experiment comprising ska foundations, dub basslines, boom bap drum patterns and laced over with edgy and controversial spoken word.

He is the co-founder and CEO of the Word N Sound Live Literature Company - a ground breaking poetry development project that has been running in Johannesburg since 2010.

Thabiso is also an award winning copywriter and has two major commissions that saw him spread his writing to television with the award winning Channel O Hip-Hop Express Promo and the recent ETV Gold Diggers TV series promo.


Mutinta Bbenkele is a young Spoken Word Artist whose work has been published in The Sol Plaatjie European Union Anthology Volume 6. Mutinta has a deep love for words and has been performing for the past eight years. Born in Botswana, raised by Zambian parents but residing in South Africa from the age of three years old, already sets Mutinta apart. Her subject matter is based on an array of topics that aim to investigate and break down the barriers that societal standards and thinking have produced. Most of her writing is inspired by the quote “There is no greater agony than bearingan untold story inside you” by Maya Angelou. Mutinta headed the University of Johannesburg’s poetry society for two years. She managed to scoop up an award for Best Chairperson of the year in 2013 amongst her many other achievements academically.